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Prescription Compounding produces many benefits not just for the client but as well to the physician or medical practitioner who has issued the prescription to the patient. It is only in compounding that there is an opportunity of attaining the most accurate form and dosage of medication. Compounding allows for the pharmacist to extract the flexibility factors of a medication by altering the drug contents, strength, dosage form, and flavoring.

At PharMoore Pharmacy, we heighten the many advantages that compounding has to offer. With our customized medical treatment and compounding solutions, we give our best to develop a medication or medication plan that will:

  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Enhance physical function and system mechanisms
  • Optimize strength and other capacities
  • Speed Up Recovery
  • Uplift sense of wellness
  • Manage pain and illness
  • Cure a disease or manage a disease
  • Avoid allergies and similar reactions to ingredient aversions

We can help you. Please call us at (770) 213-3341 or visit our pharmacy in town.